Corinne Mynatt
Curatorial Work
Design in Context
Dutch Design Week
 Dan Adlesic, Alex Cashmore, Peter Donnellan, Stephanie Goh, Eva Jaeger, Guillemette Legrand, Corinne Mynatt. Objects and infiltrations presented in Design Perron, Media Markt,and LAB-1.

Liquid Life
Work at Home London
Jan - Feb 2016

Millington Marriott(Tom Esam, Joe Fletcher Orr, Andy Holden,Thea Govorchin,Ashley Holmes,Luke Overin,James Torble, Josh Whitaker)Panel (Katy West [Commonweatlh],Beca Lipscombe, Marc Camille Chamowicz,Lucy McKenzie,Neil McGuire, Marianna Anderson) and BLESS, Marco Bruzzone, Anne De Vries, The Grantchester Pottery, NOMAN, Alicia Ongay Perez & Vincent Tarisien, Paul Schneider

Dutch Design Week
17th - 25th October 2015
Gagelstraat 44, Eindhoven
Aldo Bakker, Maarten Baas,David Bernstein, Martin John Callanan, Chmara Rosinke, The Grantchester Pottery, Sarah Daher & guests, Richard Healy, Anton Hjertstedt, Vincent Knopper, Pieteke Korte, Nynke Koster, Corinne Mynatt, NOMAN, Studio Minale Maeda,
Pottery Yacht Club, Superstudio
Co-curator, We Live in the Office: A commission by Giles Round
Royal Institute of British Architects
September 21 2016 - 5 February 2017