Corinne Mynatt
What I do
Royal Institute of British Architects
Curated by Corinne Mynatt, Marie Bak Mortensen and Lotte Jul Petersen.

“Factories have been abandoned, offices have been emptied; schools and university campuses have been created in industrial areas; historic buildings have been transformed into banks and information technology centres; artisan sheds have become ateliers for design and fashion; industrial deposits have been recycled to create shopping malls; warehouses have become homes or theatres, offices have become art galleries or hotels; garages have become recording studios; basements have become research laboratories. One works at home and lives in the office.” - Andrea Branzi

Giles Round was invited to explore the RIBA Collections, and through extensive research created an exhibition focusing on one of the most familiar and unavoidable architectural features of the city: the façade. Round explored the increasing tension between the static exterior and changing interior of the architecture around us, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of façades in their original conception, and the subsequent contemporary reuse of these buildings.

A key component of the exhibition was the transformation of the gallery into a production studio. Here, façades from a ‘stylebook’ compiled from RIBA’s Collections were applied to architectural sculptures mimicking the structure of buildings. Over the course of the exhibition the installation evolved as the blank ceramics were transformed through the applied façades into a boldly patterned, colourful landscape.

Photo credit: Sophie Mutevelian
We Live in the Office, 2016-2017
Corinne Mynatt