Corinne Mynatt
What I do

With a solid background in art, design, and architecture, I have worked on the curation and project management of private libraries. This process includes sourcing arts, culture, and literary works of both rare and contemporary origin. Libraries can be based around a collector's private art collection, personal interests, or a general well-rounded selection. The most recent project involved sourcing rare arts & culture books from the UK, USA, and Russia. Specialist book binding is done for delicate works, considering the publication itself as well as the library interiors. Cataloguing is provided in both digital and specially bound printed formats.

We are connected to a large range of rare book specialists in the UK and USA, as well as contemporary publishers and smaller specialist bookstores. Our strength is in historic and contemporary books of art, design, architecture, and food, but content is not limited to these categories and can be specified to the client's wishes.

We can also connect you to interior designers across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia to realise the library architecture, desired look and feel for your space.
Curating private libraries and collections of art & design
Photo: Alfons Morales
Corinne Mynatt