Corinne Mynatt
What I do

Royal Institute of British Architects

During summer 2016, I developed the brief for RIBA's open call for practising architects and students, responding to the London Festival of Architecture theme of ‘Community’. Thirty shortlisted projects were shown at Peckham Levels, whilst three winning entries were developed on a 1:1 scale and shown at RIBA, 66 Portland Place. Exhibited projects took a fresh look at how architectural structures, both permanent and temporary, can strengthen community engagement, from micro to macro scales.

Submissions represented a variety of community ideals such as alternative housing arrangements, co-working and co-habitating setups, mobile enterprises, and public space installations.
Constructing Communities, 2016
Margin's response for the refugee crisis.
Fielden Clegg Bradley's 'Pea Soup House', engaging the public with daily air quality.
Constructing Communities opening at Peckham Levels.
Corinne Mynatt