Corinne Mynatt
What I do
Benedict Drew at James Taylor Gallery
Corinne Mynatt
Design in Context, Dutch Design Week 2014
For Dutch Design Week 2014 I curated an exhibition of work in progress by Design Academy Eindhoven Masters students. A green screen was used as a tool to alter or provide a context for each of the works. We produced a video documenting our conversational research into contextual design.
Oscar Carlson at James Taylor Gallery
Gesamtkunstwerk 2010-11
Over two years I curated a series of exhibitions related to the idea of the gesamtkunstwerk. Projects explored transdisciplinary practices as well as exhibitions that encompassed various mediums of 'art' production. Exhibits were produced at James Taylor Gallery for Frieze Week, and Angus-Hughes Gallery amongst others. A conversation about the nature of the gesamtkunstwerk took place amongst artists in Goshka Macuga's installation at Whitechapel Gallery, 2010 (pictured left).
Whitechapel Gallery