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“Light without Sun” is a documentary exploring the significance of critical regionalism today, by investigating the work of two of its greatest exponents, Jørn Utzon (1918-2008) and Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003). Despite their singular and contrasting design styles, they shared many preoccupations. These ground- breaking houses and landscapes are considered some of the most significant examples of critical regionalism, independently establishing a particular architectural style since widely imitated.

The documentary is critical of the tendency within the architectural discipline to disregard architects who do not follow established agendas or ‘styles’. It questions the propensity to idolise the architectural process as something that emerges through a considered and calculated mechanism, based on rational ideas and reasoned philosophies, when in reality architecture is a layered, complex and unpredictable process.

Expanding the architectural documentary genre, this film is a composition of research material, on-site experimentation and interviews.

To be released in 2021.

"Light Without Sun"
Documentary Film Production
Director: Clara Kraft Isono
Producer: Corinne Mynatt
Lunuganga, Dedduwa, Sri Lanka
Corinne Mynatt
No. 11, 33rd Lane, Colombo, Sri Lanka